Avatar…Over Rated

11 01 2010

AvatarSince its release Avatar has been the most talked about movie in a long time. It has received rave reviews from viewers, critics and box offices, while managing to break many box office records. It has often been seen as a trending topic on Twitter, it has been talked about on Facebook and many other social media Web sites increasing the movies viral effect. With all the hype surrounding Avatar’s release from the Internet, friends and print media I found myself dying to go and check out the movie myself. During the Christmas holiday I went to see this highly publicized movie—only to be disappointed.

This movie which had been talked about so highly barely managed to keep me awake. It was extremely long and had no plot whatsoever to make this three hour movie justifiable. It was your typical boy meets girl, boy falls in love with girl, boy fights to defend girl and they live happily ever after movie. With the plot being so dull and insignificant the director of the movie, James Cameron who also directed The Titanic, had no other choice, but to rely on heavy graphics to make the movie visually stimulating. This 3D Sci Fi movie had many special effects that sometimes even made it seem like you were right in the middle of things, however, while you were standing there you would find yourself yarning trying to overcome boredom and stay awake while dodging guns in your face and people swinging past you.

While I am truly disappointed in this movie I have to admit that this is not the worst movie I have seen in my life. Many movies before have secured their spot in the list of worst movies of all time, but the excitement leading up to the release of Avatar and the reviews after its release left me with high expectations that were never satisfied. As a result of the high publicity surrounding this movie after it was deemed to be the best movie of all time by several people, I found myself excited to be able to see it. I counted down the days until I would be sitting in the back of the movie theatre eating some nachos and sipping on soda with my eyes fixated to the big screen. I wanted to love this movie—really I did, but Avatar gave me nothing to love, but a bunch of special effects. I give Avatar two thumbs down and a SMH.




3 responses

11 01 2010
Faith S

Although the plot was typical, the way the movie played out was not. The fact that Cameron developed an entire culture/language/PLANET says a lot about his level of creativity. Most writers do not go to the length that Cameron did to make you feel how “real” this movie was. When you show me a film that went into that much detail, and includes that much graphics, please let me know!

11 01 2010
Antoinette Russell

The Lion King was better than Avatar and it didn’t even need the cool graphics to do it.

17 07 2010

Avatar was phenomenal…It was a true breakthrough.

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