If You Can’t Decide What to Get Me for Graduation…

6 05 2010

May 15, 2010

A lot of people have been asking me what I would like for graduation. I took the time to create this list so that I could answer everyones question at once. I have worked hard these past four years, and these are some of the items that will help me in my efforts to landing the job of my dreams, and help me survive while my search continues. This list is a work in progress and explanations and links will soon follow.

Graduation Gift Wish List
14K Gold Charm Bracelet (engraved with my name)- I have decided that gold will be the official color of my jewelry during interviews. I currently have a silver charm bracelet that I have fallen in love with, but I am sure that I will love the gold one you purchase me just as much.

Engraved Compact Mirror: This engraved compact mirror will carry me far throughout my career. Before interviews I will check my make up and appearance to ensure that I am ready to make my best impression and the message that you put on the mirror will encourage me throughout my career.

A Black Manhattan Tote will be useful as I use this cute, large bag to neatly and stylishly carry my portfolio and padfolio into interviews. I will be able to show my creativity and organization all in once.

Zoom Lens for Canon Rebel XTI (The Most Important One in comparison to the Macro lens) and a Macro Lens for Canon Rebel XTI. Everyone know that it is not the camera that makes the picture, but the person behind the picture, however, There a lot of images I would like to capture that currently I am unable to, simply because my camera cannot reach that far. There are many public relations jobs that are available that view photography as an important resource to have. Having the equipment that will help me perfect my art, will make more desirable among potential employers.

Gift Card to New York & Company, Belks, Dillards, Coach etc. (Time to get clothes for interviews)

Lately, I have been meeting with a lot of people in the public relations industry. Our choice of place to meet:Starbucks. For that reason a Gift Card to Starbucks will be a great way for me to enjoy these meeting without worrying about the financial impact on my mind.

The DVD “Thank You for Smoking”, is a movie I saw while in a Communication Persuasion class at NC State. It shows some of the good and bad practices associated with Spin Doctoring and is just an interesting good movie to own.

These past four years, have taken me on a difficult path to reach the goals I have set for myself. These include many sleepless nights, cram sessions, and my daily red bull to keep me afloat. A Gift Card to a Spa in Greensboro or Raleigh is the perfect tool to get me.

Books about the Public Relations, SocialMedia (Twitter, Facebook) and Marketing industry will be useful to keep me updated on the trends evolving around my field. Although I am no longer in school it is important that I continue to grow and learn about the field I am in. (I have to keep my knowledge up even after graduation)

A 2010 AP Stylebook, also known as the journalist’s Bible. There have been many changes in how journalist write and communicate because of social media and other factors and I want to continue to communicate effectively with all of my audiences.

A cute business car holder case will be a stylishly ME way to present my cards to people at business events. You never know who you may run into, and I want to seize every opportunity to make a lasting, good impression.

When I finally get my desk in a office I will need a Handbag Hanger, to keep my purse off the purse and looking neat.

A Sony Touch Ebook Reader

Ipod Touch

Ipad (I know it’s a stretch, but I figured it was worth a try)

Golf clubs, balls and a how to golf book will help be at the right place at the right time. We all know that the major business transactions happen on the golf course, so that’s where I want to be!

Wireless mouse (for presentations)

A small, portable projector

A new Flat Iron, to keep my hair looking suave and professional all the time.

An external hard drive will be useful to help me store the photos and video that I create for various clients.




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