I Don’t Want That Job, and You Probably Don’t Either

17 06 2010

They say beggars can’t be choosy, and with the current state of the economy, those of us who have jobs are amongst the fortunate ones. However, during my job search I have discovered that no matter how desperate I am to land my first job, there are some jobs that I just have to pass on. Check out my top 10-an idea that I stole from Laurie who can also be followed on Twitter

1. There’s a possibility that you will be working for FREE…FREE…FREE!!! Your pay is based solely on commission and you have bills to pay. If you have no savings to support you during a bad week, then you need to look at salary or hourly based jobs ONLY.

2. If you don’t want to live there The location is horrible and the pay doesn’t make it any better. If I have to relocate to a place that doesn’t have a mall, ¬†university or anything exciting for me to do after work, the pay better be enough to allow me to go out of town every weekend if I choose to, because I probably will want to.

3. If they don’t know how to conduct an interview If I ask more questions during the interview than the interviewer thats a warning sign that this is not a job I want to waste any further time on.

4. The website is horrible There are grammatical errors, pages with dummy text on it and its something I could recreate in less than an hour. I want a professional job thats doing professional things.

5. If they don’t know what with the public relations is During the interview they say something, such as, “you’ll be talking to and dealing with the public, so this is pretty much a public relations position!” WRONG WRONG WRONG! There is so much more to public relations, and that statement lets me know they don’t know the first thing about PR.

6. If they confuse marketing with being a door to door saleswoman If the job requires me to go door to door begging people to sign up for a service or policy then I know its not for me. I was never the type to go door to door and thats probably why I was never a Girl Scout. If a job labels themselves as a marketing job, and tells you this is what you’ll be doing…you’re probably not going to be interested.

7. If they have poor spending habits They would rather invest in the “toys” over their employers. If the pay sucks, but they’re rolling in new fancy machines, don’t expect to be getting a raise….ever.

8. No one, Nobody likes working there If everyone that works there tells you they hate it, odds are you will hate it too. RUN…far, far, away.

9. You already know you don’t want to work there during the interview If you’ll be looking for a new job after your first day of work, you might want to to save yourself time and just pass on the offer. Then you will have more time to devote to the job search.

10. Anybody could do the job If you don’t a degree or experience for the job, you probably don’t want to work there if you have internships, and a degree. #Basic jobs were for high school. Now its time to look for a career.

You’ve seen my list, but maybe yours is different. What kind of job will you walk away from? Comment Below:




3 responses

17 06 2010

awww great article! – proud of you.

18 06 2010
Faith S.

If the interviewer says that they hate their job….RUN!
If the company forgot that you were even scheduled for an interview, don’t remember who called you to schedule the interview, and can’t find your resume, RUN!

22 09 2010
Barbara Dunston

Great observations and so true. I agree you most certainly do want to be happy where you work because you do spend most of your day on your job. If you can discover that a particular job is not for you ahead of time it will save a lot of grief.

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