Achieving Dreams

22 09 2010

I have always wanted to be on TV and throughout my life I accomplished that at very stages. In elementary school I was an anchor for for the school’s television station W-WOW at Washington Elementary. In high school, I had the privilege of being in one of the best high-stepping marching bands in North Carolina; I could occasionally spot myself on Friday Night Football amongst the crowd in the bleachers. In college I was interviewed by WRAL’s news anchor, Heather Moore, after a series of racial based vandalizing occurred on the campus of NCSU. However, the moment that meant the most to me is when I appeared on a WRAL segment that was centered around my past internship with the North Carolina Strawberry Association. I was hired in February 2010, by the NC Strawberry Association to be a Social Media Intern for them. Through that position, I managed their Twitter Page and Facebook Fan Page.

It wasn’t long before, news anchor, Michael Charbonneau, noticed the twitter activity of the NC Strawberry Association and decided to air a story about it on WRAL. The show aired early in early April and before the week was over relatives as far north as New York had seen me on television. Unlike my other television appearances I did not physically appear in this story. This story was all about the social media websites that I had been maintaining and using to build relationships with people who loved strawberries.

So far this is still my biggest success story in PR. I accomplished what many professionals attempt to do everyday. I achieved media coverage for a client without spending a dime. I reached a potential audience of over three million online viewers, for the number one, local website in the Raleigh-Durham, market, and that is something I am truly proud of!

Check Out My Story:


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