Make Everything Worthwhile

8 11 2010

Life tends to throw curve balls at us. There is nothing we can do to prevent this from happening, but we can choose how these bumps in the road affect us. Since graduating in May, I have not been able to find a full time position related to public relations. However, it is evident that the health industry in a growing field that will never cease to exist. To stay relevant I have found a job in the health industry that will increase my value as a public relations professional.

The class of 2010 graduated during economic turmoil. We are competing with people who have 10 years plus of experience for entry level positions. We are attempting to get jobs in industries that people are afraid to invest in. Some of us have given up hope. Now is the time to turn a negative into a positive. While our dream job might not be available, we at least have time to become the dream candidate for the person who will one day interview us for that dream job.

I currently work for Humana, a health insurance provider, providing guidance for Medicare recipients. I give customer service to people for their health care related questions. Now, in addition to all the skills my internships I am now trained in Medicare and Pharmacy. I understand aspects about the health care industry that I wasn’t exposed to in college. I have learned health care jargon that will be beneficial when I am working for a firm that has clients who provide health insurance. I’m not where I want to be yet, but I am taking steps that are bringing me closer to my goals.

I hear many people who have graduated complain about the lack of jobs in their “industry”. Instead of complaining I am looking at this time to get training in areas that will increase my knowledge and my value. Through my current job I will be able to explain why an organization should invest in me. I have found a way to stand out and that is what we all should be doing. Having a degree is not an uncommon thing in 2010, what else do you provide?





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