Is the Government trying to Increase HIV/AIDS Infections

27 08 2011

As of August 1, 2012 all private insurance plans will be required to cover women’s preventative care. This will allow women to get birth control pills, including the morning after pill at no cost. When I first heard about the “Affordable Care Act” via Twitter I was appalled. I could not believe that MY president, Barack Obama, would promote and encourage people to have unprotected sex outside of marriage. I did not want to use my tax dollars to enable hussies with no self control to have unrestrained sexual relations. I did not want the government reaching more into my purse! “How could he,” I thought.

My immediate thought about the ACA was that it would increase the number of people being infected by a sexually transmitted infection. More couples will be likely to have sex without the use of a condom, which if you are sexual active is the most effective way to prevent STIs. According to USAID, there were 33.3 million people around the world living with HIV/AIDS in 20009. AIDS is the fourth leading cause of death globally and almost 7,200 people are infected by HIV daily. The Polulation Research Institute conducted research in 2010 that showed a positive correlation between women using oral contraceptives and HIV/AIDS infections. However, after watching several stories about the ACA and reading some other opinions about this act my opinion has shifted in favor of this act. I am now able to clearly see that the ACA will prove to be beneficial to American’s across the board.

Upon the recommendation from independent Institute of Medicine, a nonprofit organization that had instructions to find the best solution to healthcare problems women face, insurers will have to drop deductibles and co-pays for FDA-approved contraception drugs and devices. This will drastically decrease the number of unplanned pregnancies in the United States, which is currently sitting at 49 percent. As a result the number of abortions would also decrease.

It’s time we realize everyone who uses contraceptives is an unmarried, promiscuous, teenager. There are married couples who are not ready financially to start a family. There are newlyweds who want time to grown and learn each other before they bring a baby into the world. There are people who are working on obtaining a higher degree that do not want to have the burden of taking care of a child and studying for finals simultaneously There are various reasons why people choose to get on contraceptives and under the Affordable Care Act, all generic contraceptives will be free. Contraception which can sometimes be as high as $70 a month will cost women with private insurance nothing.

After analyzing the full ramifications of this Act I am forced to admit that my initial reaction was flawed. This Act will not necessarily increase the number of people infected with HIV/AIDS. However with this change in healthcare there needs to be an increase in safe sex education to ensure that the plan is effective across the board. Overall the Affordable Care Act will do a lot of good for women in the United States. The preventative care that it will provide to women is phenomenal and can potentially save many lives.

With that said, Brittney was right and I was kind of wrong.




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