Sideline Love

15 09 2011

My love was not enough

Last girls didn’t last, but I thought I was different

I called my friends and said this is unbelievable , the love I’ve found is a miracle
I discovered soon I was jus his mistress

He couldn’t give me the love that I had for him and I know who’s to blame
The sweetness in the air when he said her name should’ve exposed his games

The nights spent hoping he’d call were all in vain
How could he envision my pain with her on the brain

The trips back home and chilling with his boys
It wasn’t just business after all

I had no idea that while he told me he was working
He was up writing poems of love all about her

I was the chick on the side
I shouldn’t be surprised

I’d call him mad evil even without an Evo
He played me for a fool – this time I lost the game

He knew the buttons to push to make me insane
He knew what he was doing, but still he’s not to blame

I guess he only knew love when it came to her
I guess we’re both to blame

He played the game
Knowing he didn’t want me and I needed him

She was his first love
I couldn’t keep up with her turning tables

She was his only love
She was music




2 responses

16 10 2011

Great expression, of love of life and profession. Enjoyable read 🙂

17 12 2011

Love this!

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