The Band

Log Line

High school marching band students manage their social lives while working towards being the number one band in the nation.


This cartoon is about a group of eleven section leaders that lead a high school marching band during football games, competitions and life in general. The members of this high school marching band have a family like bond and throughout the series they encounter different problems that they are able to overcome through the encouragement of their band members.


Led by 11 section leaders a High School marching band will be followed as they prepare for Friday night football and competitions—all with the goal of becoming the number one high-stepping band in the nation. They will strive for excellence while dealing with home problems, relationships and school work. Throughout the series they will face individual conflicts that will overcome because of the unity and strength of the marching band. They will also face problems that will affect the entire band with areas such as a low-budget and their sectional band fraternity’s. The motto of this marching band, which will be “Excellence through Commitment and Dedication,” and that motto will encourage the band members to succeed in every aspect of their lives.

Each of the 30-minute episodes will have a section leader as its star. The episodes will be packed with humor, upbeat music, romance and conflict. The episodes will show the strength and unity of marching band members. It will also show the excitement, entertainment and sense of belonging and ownership, that marching band is able to provide many people. Musical training has been proved to have a positive effect on a child’s education. This Cartoon series will encourage more students to be involved with their schools music department.

A budget of approximately $90,000 will cover the cost of the artwork, voiceovers, producers and other staff member. The preproduction, production and post production costs, which will last for 10 months will also be included in the $90,000 budget. The episodes will be shot for production on a major network. The Cartoon Network has been selected as the goal of the show. The cartoon network draws an older audience that will be likely to watch the series.

Episode 1 Outline

  • Act One
    • Everyone begins arriving to the high school so they can load the busses and head to a competition in Charlotte, NC.
    • Students personalities begin to show as they play the dozens on the bus, while deciding who they will sit with.
  • Act Two
    • The band arrives in Charlotte and start to scope out their competition.
    • Once they get off the bus and get their instruments they see a rival band.
    • The band members get nervous and start to lose hope.
  • Act Three
    • The band is informed that their rival, the Angry Marching Tigers is going on right before them and they will be playing the same down field.
    • The section leaders come up with the idea to change the field show at the last minute.
    • The band wins their first competition in six years.

The Treatment for a Band Competition Episode

The episode starts off on a school bus where the students load up to head to Charlotte, N.C. for a major band competition. The students debate who will sit with who and for some students no one is interested in sitting with them. This sets the tone for who the cool kids are and During the bus ride the band members play the dozen with each other and get excited about the band competition.

Once they arrive in Charlotte the first band they see is the Angry Marching Tigers. The same school that beat them last year. The band members get nervous when they find out that they are going right after them and they will be playing the same down field. It is up to the section leaders to come up with a plan that will lead the band to a first place trophy.

The band breaks off from the other competitors and create a new field show. While they are nervous that some of the members who are not as coordinated it is determined that this is a risk that must be taken if they are to have any chance at winning the competition. To the surprise of everyone their field show changes prove to be worth while and they manage to get their first, first place trophy in 6 years.

Important Characters

Sean is the drum major. Many of the ladies in the band have crushes on Sean and this has had a noticeable effect on his ego. He is cocky and ultra confident, but at the end of the day the good of the band is his number one priority. He is very intelligent and has dreams of attending Berkeley University. He is known for giving inspirational speeches when they are needed.
Arlene is a member of the baritone section. She is one of the best players but her often negative attitude has prevented her from having a position as a section leader. She is overweight and often uses her large size to intimidate some of the other band members. When the band needs courage and inspiration her sometimes aggressive attitude can become contagious and provide a dosage of bravery that the band needs to face their challenges.

Becca who is nicknamed “Can’t get Right,” is always messing up something. If she’s not having problems memorizing her music, she’s messing up formations during major field shows.She is an outcast that no one wants to associate with. During bus rides to away games and competitions Becca is always left searching for a seat. Most of the band members want Becca to quit, but she is determined to get it right and be accepted by her fellow band members.

Jeremiah Brandon “Mr. Brandon” is the band director. During band time his is the daddy of the band. He both intimidating and loving. He is a recent college graduate who attended Northeastern High School when he was younger and as a former band member he is committed to making this marching band number 1. His youth allows many of the band members to be able to relate to him, and causes some of the female band members to have crushes on him.

Jassmine is the head majorette. She is attractive and many of the guys in the band are infatuated with her. She tends to date drummers and members of the football team when she is not focused on her rivals with females in the band or the majorettes at rival schools.

Arliene is a trombone player. She has been in three sections in the band and has fit in best with the trombones. She is larger than most other high school girls and uses her size to gain power in the band. Many people are afraid of her and she takes advantage of that. Sometimes she uses her power to benefit the band and inspire them when they need it most.

LaToya is a mellophone player who is not as passionate about the band as people would like her to be. Unlike everyone else she only has a couple of good friends in the band and prefers to hang out with people who are not associated with the band. Being in marching nad is a family tradition for LaToya and she has to work hard to make something that is important to her a good experience.  


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