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ANTOINETTE Good afternoon Raleigh. I’m Antoinette Russell with your local news. Today an NC State student, Shavonne Hunter is home safe after being abducted and sexually assaulted by Victor Tate a UNC professor of communications. After attending a Public Relations networking event at the University of Chapel Hill. Shavonne was grabbed and forced into the car of 49 year-old Victor Tate who later raped her and locked her in a dark isolated basement. We have Shavonne Hunter with us to explain to us how she Tweeted her way to freedom today. Good afternoon Shavonne and thank you for being with us today.
SHAVONNE Thank you for having me.
ANTOINETTE Your story is truly extraordinary! How exactly were you able to Tweet your way to freedom as news stations everywhere are phrasing it.
SHAVONNE God was really on my side. After Victor Tate left me in the basement for hours, I stumbled across a loose wooden plank where he had placed my belongings including my Blackberry. I turned my phone on and the first thing I did was use UberTwitter to tweet a message of my location and that I was in danger. I then sent another one with more specifics on my condition and who I was with.  A few of my friends who follow me on Twitter saw the status update and called the local officials. Within an hour the police were at Tate’s residence with a search warrant to grant my freedom and to arrest him.
ANTOINETTE So Shavonne, did you ever expect that Twitter would be the medium that would save your life one day?
SHAVONNE I definitely did not! As a communications major you always hear your professor lecture about the importance of social media in your professional career, but I had no idea that it would end up saving my life. I’m so fortunate that I had resources to tweet from my location to get help.
ANTOINETTE Well Shavonne your story is truly inspirational and while I hope no one else is ever in that situation—if something like this does happen again I hope your story will lead to another safe and efficient rescue. Thank you for being here today and is there anything else you would like to say to our listeners?
SHAVONNE It was truly a pleasure and just like you said whenever you’re in a situation like mine, you cannot afford to miss an opportunity. You have to think on your feet. I just hope someone’s life can be saved from my story. No one deserves to get raped and it’s never the survivors fault and more people need to realize that. I hope my story can be inspiring to women like me. And I pray more lives are saved. I appreciate you giving me the chance to share my story.
ANTOINETTE No, thank you Shavonne and back to you Chris with today’s national news.


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