Television Interview

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AIDS VACCINE                                                                                                                 


TALENT: ANTOINETTE ANTOINETTE: “Good evening, I’m Antoinette Russell. In our top story this evening we the story that has Americans morning everywhere. In a visit to Malibu, California our former President Jeorgee Waldo Lush is dead after being brutally assaulted by a suburban gang today. Lush was beaten to death by a plank. While a group of boys ages 14 to 17 kicked, punched and spit upon Lush he was reported to be dead within 15 minutes of the 45 minute attack.
ENG: PHOTO OF JEORGEE WALDO LUSH BEING BEATEN WITH PLANK ANTOINETTE: Attorney Nekia Pridgen is here via telecast to explain to us the implementations of this brutal beating on the boys as well as the rest of the world
ENG: FOOTAGE OF NEKIA PRIDGEN SPEAKING ANTOINETTE RUSSELL: Ms. Pridgen can you explain to our viewers what this crime will mean to those boys who murdered our former President. I mean this is a shocking and very serious crime and the world wants to know what is going to happen to those boys.NEKIA PRIDGEN: You’re exactly right Antoinette, this is a serious crime—the murder of a former President of the United States, not even a year out of office. Right now the district attorney is attempting to trial all of the boys involved with first degree murder as well as treason.
ENG: FOOTAGE OF THE BOYS ANTOINETTE: This is truly unfortunate that these teens were involved in this crime. Is there anyone trying to support them and help them get a lighter sentence?
ENG: NEKIA PRIDGEN SPEAKING NEKIA: Absolutely not. Some people are actually upset because these boys are not being threatened with the death sentence. A lot of it has to do with the image that is being sent across seas. We cannot let someone commit such a haneous crime and get away with it not in America. President Obama has already began talking about bringing back the Patriot act and a lot of people are supporting him..
TALENT: ANTOINETTE ANTOINETTE: Well we will continue to monitor this case on ALTR-TV there is not an official statement on when Obama will speak publicly about this crime, but we can guarantee that you will see it here first. Thank you for joining us Ms. Pridgen.


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