Television Pilot

Pro Ball

By: Antoinette Russell and Preston Boyles



Log Line

A group of professional basketball players learn valuable lessons while trying to balance the fame, the game, the fortune and the ladies.


The starting five of the Dakota Massacres: Antwan Rose, Jalen James (also known as J.J.), Michael Anderson, Tony Scott and Eric White are becoming accustomed to the fame and the fortune that comes along with being professional athletes. They must juggle their busy practice and game schedules, significant others, family and the world around them. The overwhelming amount of pressure to succeed combined with money-hungry females will take its toll on some, leading others to step up and lead by example. Each 30-minute episode will be filled with comedy and drama and will be a hot hit for young adults.


It’s the first day of the practice season and the new recruits and newly traded players enter the locker room. Antwan Rose was the most highly recruited rookie and some of the older players (some who are up for contract renewal) are intimidated by Rose and they make it obvious immediately. During the coaches’ introductions of the new players, many of Roses’ teammates pass slick remarks towards him until the coach ends the excess talking. Of all of his teammates Rose knows immediately that Tony Scott is going to be a major problem for him. Unknowingly to the average basketball fan, much of the drama takes place on the court, but this episode will quickly expose that fact.

On the court as the players break off into separate teams (with Rose and Scott on opposing teams) things get intense. Jalen James is one of the best players in the NBA. He has recently joined the Massacres as a result of disputes between a newer player on his team and he does not plan on having any problems with his new teammates. He immediately begins to shine with fadeaway jumpers and multiple three pointers. While on the court, Eric White confesses to Michael Anderson that he is nervous about this year’s competition right as Rose steals the ball from James and scores a 3-pointer while being guarded by Scott. In the middle of Scott claiming that Rose fouled him while in the process of making the shot, the conflict is interrupted by the players’ girlfriends, wives and some of the Massacre girls with cupcakes and drinks to celebrate the new team.

Some of the wives and girlfriends dislike the Massacre girls and this is seen during the conversation and by the dirty looks that some of the wives and girlfriends give the Massacre girls. During the party, The Massacre girls are very close to the players and some of the girls show an interest in the new recruits. The wives attempt to warn the rookies from the games the Massacre girls may try to play, but that doesn’t keep Rose from riding home with Kierra Knightdale. When she gets to his place, he invites her up to continue their conversation they have been having about her desires to become a journalist and his desires to finish his last semester in college.

While up in Rose’s condo, Knightdale and Rose share a steamy passionate kiss that leads to Kierra spending the night. On her way out in the morning, she is spotted by Vanessa Scott who just so happens to be Tony Scott’s wife and the biggest gossiper on the show.

Click on the link below to access the partial script of the first episode of Pro Ball:

Pro Ball


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